Thursday, September 9, 2010

Athena's Cup goes to Hollywood

Hello fans and friends!

First off I have to thank you for visiting our blog and for your unwavering support these last 11 months!

We have been collecting bras for almost 1 year!

It's amazing to me how time flies when you're having fun!

Recently I was invited to Hollywood to collect celebrity bras! Isn't that incredible?

Here is a video collage of my adventure:

I had the pleasure of meeting over 100 celebrities!

Here is an amazing article from our local newspaper the Valley Breeze:

What's even more exciting is that Athena's Cup continues to collect bras EVERY
SINGLE DAY! They come in boxes, bags and envelopes from all over the USA!

It's so inspiring to see the messages written on the bras honoring loved ones who have fought this horrible disease!

Thanks for checking in with us and helping our bra chain grow!

Goddess Bless,
Jennifer Jolicoeur

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