Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hollywood here we come!

Athena's and the Athena's Cup have been invited to Hollywood this coming weekend to collect celebrity bras at the Emmy Awards!

Athena's Cup will have a booth in the gifting suite where celebrities come in and collect their swag bags the day before the actual event!

We are bringing 80 bras with us along with markers for celebrities to autograph. We will be taking our own photographer and videographer to capture the event on film! Our goal is to get celebrities to autograph the bras and hold them up and say on film "I support the Athena's Cup and You SHOULD TOO!"

We will also ask the celebrities to "Tweet" about the Athena's Cup on their Twitter accounts. This could potentially lead to millions of people being exposed to our cause!

We have confirmation that TMZ, E! and Entertainment Tonight will be walking the gift suite. We are holding the vision of getting their attention too!

Please hold the vision for us friends!

This is very exciting for a Woonsocket girl!

Goddess Bless,

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