Thursday, January 14, 2010

oHIo friends hook up to help find a cure!

I was overjoyed to meet a new friend of the Athena's Cup! Her name is Ellen and she stopped by Athena's last week with a big bag of bras and a photo of her friends holding up a chain of bras!
Ellen is a breast cancer survivor! Here is her story:

Here is a photo with my friends from St. Joe's Sylvania, Ohio, CRHP Team
#36. The pink bra holder in the back right is Joyce, a 3 year survivor and my
great mentor through the process. When my friends gathered for their Christmas
party, I had informed them about the project, so they all brought at least one
bra, and linked them together to show me their effort. They called me here in RI
as they formed the circle and we toasted the good health of all of these strong
and vibrant women.
Thank you Ellen for becoming a partner with Athena's Cup!

Every bra counts!

Goddess Bless,

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