Monday, October 12, 2009

What is this all about?

Athena’s Home Novelties is hosting its largest fundraiser to date. In our fight against Breast Cancer, we are asking for a mere $5.00 donation along with a bra or bras to be hooked together on Sunday, January 10, 2010. In helping to fight the cause, we may even break the bra-chain world record of 169,000 bras!


  1. What an amazing cause!!! I dedicate all the bras Im collecting to my Mom.. A Breast Cancer survivor. Although she is a survivor, the cause never ends... She still has many daughters and granddaughters that could someday inherit the same thing... I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!
    SENDING LOTS OF BRAS FOR THAT CAUSE!! Even my teens are cleaning out their drawers and my 13 yr old is walking around jr high repeating SAVE THE BOOBIES to anyone that will listen.. Anddddddddd she now is having me get auto paint so she can paint it on MOMS TRUCK!! Yes, we have a house full of PEOPLE THAT CARE ABOUT THE BOOBIES!!!!!
    Wanda Robinson #1708 (Goddess that cares deeply so please send your bras and donations for the Athena's Cup)

  2. Are there drop off locations?

  3. What a fun, powerful way to stand up to breast cancer. Everyone who wants to be a part of it can, and on their own time, make a difference. I think of the challenge to break a world record as fun and exciting (plus I want to be able to say I was breaking world records the next time "what have you been up to?" is asked of me at a reunion), however seeing all the bras, wellworn and used, with such beautiful messages written on them, makes me tear up. It makes me want to run links of then through fencing at major bus stops and highway overpasses with a huge banner for the Athena's Cup, just so more people can see it, understand it, be moved by it and be inspired to help.

    Thank you Jen, for being such an inspiring woman and creating such an inspired charity event. I am going to do all that I can to make this a success!
    ~Amber M. Frazier, The Hentai Pirate
    "Hentai Honeys" Team Leader
    Goddess #2885