Friday, October 18, 2013

Goddesses and Adoni bring their bra donations to Athena's Cup

Thank you to all the Goddesses and Adoni that dropped off bras and donated during Athena's Better Business Work Shop at Athena's home office!! The unofficial count is 1,239.

Goddess Chrissy Shedd, Goddess Deanna Cleaves, Goddess Vicky Weimer, Goddess Diane Bouthillette, Goddess Tiffany Herman, Goddess Fran Carracia, Samantha Hinson, Goddess Kelly Lonergan, Goddess Kim Guenette, Goddess Allison Gagno...n, Goddess Suzanne Caldwell, Goddess Laura Daley, Goddess Kristin Cardoso, Goddess Sherry Clark, Goddess Alana Susko, Goddess Theresa Aversano, Goddess Heather Gould, Goddess Barbara McCarthy, Goddess Marjorie Bolduc, Goddess Nichole Darosa, Goddess Jodi Eno, Goddess Katie Mahoney, Goddess Stacy LaCroix, Goddess Lisa Burke, Goddess Katrina Vidal, Goddess Amira Shumann and Goddess Kelley Quimby!

Athena's Cup LOVES all of our hard working Goddesses and Adoni.

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