Friday, February 10, 2012

Every Donation Brings Us Closer to Our Goal

People from all over the country are collecting bras for us. MA Gallagher
from NH sent 20 bras, Sherrie Wilhell from FL sent 2 bras & a check, Jennifer Beaudoin from CT sent 11 bras & a check, Tammy Lamberto-Roy from RI sent 13 bras and Elaine's Florists from North Smithfield, RI brought us 9 bras.

Our Goddess and Adoni are busy collecting bras for us. Thank you, Cindy Vincent for 3bras, Krista Lee Webb for 21 bras, Stacey Grant for 13 bras, Christine Arel for 22 bras, Melissa Campbell for 17 bras, and Jamie Bedford for 5 bras.

Alison Bimbo and Goddess Christine Laplante had an amazing event called Save the Ta Ta’s Benefit and CD sale. They raised $500.00 for Athena's Cup.

Many thanks to Jenn Finn, Jenn Lee and the Frisky Foreplayers who brought us 75 bras and a big donation on Friday and to Christopher Irr for 12 bras and a donation. Don't forget to send us your old bras!

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