Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great October Events for Athena's Cup

October is such a special month for the entire nation to promote breast cancer awareness and remember our loved ones who have both won or lost their personal battles. Our Goddesses and Adoni have been producing special events nation-wide and they have had wonderful events.

Thank you to all who produced the events and attended. Below are just a few....

~Thank you to Goddess Roni Carbone who collected a huge sack of bras at her Athena's Cup Bingo over the weekend!

~Thank you, Alana Susko who also brought us 122 bras and a generous cash donation from the hilarious show she created - Comedy On Purpose at The Comedy Connection in East Providence for the Athena's Cup! It was a wonderful night of fun and laughs too!

~Thank you Goddess Shelly Bernardini through the 2nd Annual Bike Run brought us 366 bras and a donation of $1,134.00!

~Thank you Goddess Talia Coccia and her fianceé Andrew Cantone brought us 250 bras through Athena’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament! Everyone had a blast.

~We'd like to thank to Goddess Annie Dumas who handed over an envelope with a $500 donations from the Tickled Pink Bowling for Bras event in NY! Thank you to all the wonderful Goddesses and Adoni who helped coordinate this event and to all the people who were bowled over by our cause!

~The Athena's Cup would like to thank Heather Grieco and the staff at Fast Lane Tattoo in Valatie NY who just held their 3rd annual Tattin for the TaTas event! They collected $3,075 in donations for our cause and 525 bras! Thank you sooooo much for your support!

Below are our Goddesses, Adoni and friends who have made generous donations in support of Athena's Cup.

~Goddess Erica Wollenhaupt thank you for 200 bras & $220.00 check!!!
Thank you to all our wonderful Goddesses for your donations! Goddess Bless to Jodin Beer Gates for 68 bras & a cash donation, Grace Mitchell for 27 bras, Lori Gonsalves Casale for 17 bras, Cindy Vincent for 25 bras, Jill Vescovi for 18 bras & a donation, Chrissy Shedd for 97 bras!,
Cindy Silverman for 21 bras. Judith Sleed of NY brought us 3 bras and a donation.

~Thank you to everyone for bringing us more bras. This is national Breast Cancer Awareness month and our Goddesses Adonis and friends are working extra hard to help us reach our goal! Thank you Rain Jolicoeur for 4 bras, Mary Ottoman for 14 Bras and a cash donation. Goddesses and Adonis you have been busy too! Many thanks to Colette Dupont for 19 bras, Jodine Beer-Gates for 68 bras and the donation Bethany Pires for 184 bras, Andrea Dykes for 90 bras, Christopher Irr for 9 bras, Amy Labrecque for 55 bras and Katana Miller for 31 bras.

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