Friday, October 1, 2010

Bring your bras to Autumnfest

Greetings friends of the Athena's Cup!

It's our one year anniversary!

On October 1st 2009, Athena's Cup was sent into cyberspace! It was just a seed, an intention.

As many of you know, our original intent was to collect 169,000 bras to break the world record by January 2010.

We didn't make it.
So we set a new target date: 10-10-10.

That's 9 days from today.

We have collected almost 38,000 bras in one year AND
we have collected almost $45,000 in donations!


I don't consider this a failure at all.

It is a great success.

October is breast cancer awareness month, but for the last year, every month, week and day have been about breast cancer awareness. Our goal is to get women talking about breast cancer, doing self breast exams, wearing the proper fitting bra, standing together against this horrifying disease...that is something we do every single day.

And it makes me proud.

So we once again re-adjust our target date. 10-10-11

For the next year we will continue to collect bras and donations in hopes of meeting our ambitious goal in one year!

On a daily basis I get letters, cards and emails from women who are touched by our efforts.

It is no longer about the destination. It is about the journey.

We can't do it without you...please help us by cleaning out your bra drawer and sending us your ill fitting bras! If you have the ability, we'd love to put a pink box at your place of business or your gym or hair salon!

Visit our facebook page and share it with others!!/pages/The-Athenas-Cup/199961049501?ref=search

To all my local friends, please visit our booth at the Autumnfest in Woonsocket, RI
on October 9th, 10th and 11th! We'll be there collecting bras!

Thank you for your support thus far!

Goddess Bless,

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