Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girlscouts collecting for the Athena's Cup!

I was so touched that this girl scout troop will be helping collect bras for the Athena's Cup.

How inspiring that they would rally around this important issue to honor one of the troop moms who is going through treatment for breast cancer.

It is my hope that these young ladies can someday say that they helped find a cure!

Goddess Bless,

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  1. My name is Gina Velonis(obviouly this is not anonynous) and I am the mother of Athena Velonis who was once a member of troop 390. The leaders of troop 390, Mrs. Teresa Shahaty and Ms. Nicole Conley are wonderful role models for these girls.
    Troop 390 has done so much for me and my family. The girls have grocery shopped and cooked 3 dinners for my family. They initiated the bra collection and we have had a lot of fun with it. Their bake sale is mothers day weekend and I know it will be very special. All the girls make me proud to have been a part of Troop 390. xoxox Gina