Monday, December 28, 2009

The current state of things in the Athena's Cup world...

Alas dear friends we did not hit our goal of 169,000 bras by year end.

Currently we have received over 7,000 bras to date. We have also collected over $8,000.00 for to help find a cure! The goal is $500,000.00

Because we still have such a long way to go to break the record, there will be no event on January 10th.

I was sad about this.

For about 60 seconds.

And then I readjusted my attitude and realized that if I set a new date - it would give us more time to spread the word about the Athena's Cup on a national level.

Not a day passes where I don't receive an envelope, a box or a bag of bras!

Bras have come from San Fran, Ohio, Florida, well as New England.

Newspaper articles have been written.

Events have been held in bars, tattoo parlours, hair salons, and women's expos.

A promotional video was shot.

We are moving towards the goal a little each day, one steady step at a time.

Things in the works:

T-shirts have been designed and will be available in a week.

I have consulted with a Green Imaging Video to create a compelling video showcasing the bras we have collected so far with interviews from survivors as well as people left behind to mourn our fallen sisters.

I am planning to meet with the mayor of Woonsocket to ask if we can hold the event here in my home town, and plan an elaborate event around it with musical guests and much fan fare! (Wish me luck)

The new date my Athena's Cup warriors is October 2010. Go forth and spread the good word. Help us collect 169,000 bras and beat the record!

Now we must get on Oprah, Ellen and shows of that caliber. We must also catch the eye of the national magazines like People, Us, Cosmo and Women's Health.

Please help us by sending emails and letters to these media outlets.

Together, we can change the world and stop this deadly killer of women...

Thank you to all of you have been so supportive since the day we announced our ambitious goal just 13 weeks ago!
Much love and Goddess Bless!

Jennifer Jolicoeur


  1. This is going to make it all that much BETTER!!!

  2. Congrats Jennifer and Athena Goddesses for what you have done already!!
    2010 is going to be a record breaking year and I am thrilled to continue to spread the word.
    All the best to you all for this truly wonderful mission- Sue

  3. I'm not sure what you plan to do with the money, but if it's just hand it over to "scientists" to find a cure....that seems like such a waste. Wouldn't the money be better spent by an organization that educates the public in being preventative and proactive in their health care? Use the money to help out sister sufferers - help them beat it and stay healthy? Science is NOT going to ever really 'find a cure', we really know that and I hate to see lots of love money thrown away to them. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents. Admirable efforts!!

  4. I am viewing your website for the first time. Where do you stand right now in trying to reach your goal of 169,000 bras?? I only see posts and info from Dec. and jan. Any more fundraisers coming up localy in R.I.? I have a sister who passed away from breast cancer at 53 yrs. old .. in Jan. 2009.
    I am curious about this endeavor of yours!!