Friday, November 6, 2009

Athena's Cup partners with Fast Lane Tattoo in NY

24 Hours of Tattooing to Save the TaTa’sWhen the Athena’s Cup was born, I ran right home and told my husband about it. We have been talking about doing a 24 hour tattoo event to support breast cancer for a year or 2 and never took action on it until now… At 11am on October 30th the doors opened at Fast Lane Tattoo and would be open for a full 24 hours for the first time ever. The goal was to tattoo as many Breast Cancer Ribbons as we could for only $25 each all to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. This event was a call to action for many Goddesses as well as the entire crew of Fast Lane Tattoo! This event was magical and ran so smoothly you’d of thought we’d done it many times before. The flow kept moving, the artists kept tattooing and the Goddesses of Athena's were here to support it! We also created event T-shirts and had a couple of raffles all for the cause. Customers, friends and my tattoo artists submitted items for the raffle, we put an Athena’s goody bag together & Jamie Winchester CEO of Every Last Crumb made and donated some of her delicious cookies. They were a HUGE hit!

A local woman contacted me and scheduled 16 appointments all for Breast Cancer Survivors. She even put together a beautiful pink basket of wonderful goodies and sold raffle tickets for $1 each...all to support our event!

The outpouring of support was amazing to see…I was truly inspired! Many women and men brought bags full of bras with them, we collected more than 300 during the course of the event. At some points, the shop was so full people, they were pouring out the front door. Even if there was a wait, everyone rolled with it. When I ran out of the event shirts, everyone understood. It was the most amazing event to witness.
We had women and their families coming to support them. We had grandmas with granddaughters all getting the ribbon to honor their Grandma because she’s a survivor. I had a hostess show up…she had shaved her head the week before in honor of her sister who is currently battling this disease and recently lost all her hair because of the kemo treatments. She simply said, “Thank you so much Heather. This is the most unique fundraiser I’ve ever heard of and as soon as I saw it I thought, there is no way I’m not doing this.”
All in all the crew did 169 tattoos for the cause! I’m so very proud of each and every one of them. They gave this event their TRUE 24 hour attention. Even when they didn’t think they could keep going, they did. All of the ribbons looked great wether it was done in the 1st or the 24th hour! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I’m sure this will become an annual Event at Fast Lane Tattoo!
I’m elated to say that Fast Lane Tattoo has a $4000.00 donation check for THE ATHENA’S CUP! SUCCESS! In closing I would like to thank the following people for their support!
The Tattoo Artists:
Patsy Grieco
Mitch Sousa
Jon Abbott
Casey Leanza
Glenn Gella

THE Goddesses:
Jen Bartoszek drove out from New Hampshire
Bobbi Ozanian Dean drove out from Rhode Island
Katie LaRue
Hannah Spohn
Annie Dumas
Karen Horn
Erin Michaels
Star Flanders
Jetta Smith

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